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Lion of Judah Ministry is an independent, non-denominational ministry that is monitored by a Board of Directors of three men on the active Board and six on an advisory Board. The Board members serve voluntarily to give advice and council to the director (Gary Fisher), and to monitor the success of launching the message, Jesus Is Coming soon. The Ministry circulates a bi-monthly teaching newsletter that tracks current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy and the soon return of Jesus. The Ministry features Gary Fisher as an author and conference speaker.

The Ministry also places a heavy emphasis on leading tours to Israel. A trip to Israel on one of our tours will rival going to a Bible school because of all the teaching done on the tour. Also Israel will galvanize your faith because you will see things that before you had only read about. Israel in place today is a major sign that Jesus is about to return as He promised.

With the newsletter, the Israel tours, and the speaking engagements, the focus of this ministry is to make the return of Jesus an unavoidable issue! We are living in unique times and are more-than-likely the generation that will see the return of Jesus, the Messiah! Our ministry maintains the position that the Rapture of the church can occur at any moment. We believe that great event could be today. The Ministry asks the question to all: Will 2014 see the return of Jesus to this earth? What will you do with the time that remains?

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Israel Tour - February 2015 The Best of Israel
Don't let the current situation in Israel discourage you from going. Wars and skirmishes in Israel are usually very short. This current one with Gaza will likely be over very soon. By February, things will be very quiet.
We just completed our February 2014 Israel trip. It was a wonderful tour with fifteen great folks. In spite of what the media is reporting about Israel, we never encountered any hostilities at all. If you are considering a trip to Israel, don't let the negative media reports fool you. Tourism is up in record numbers. 3.5 million have visited during 2013. These tourists are going and having wonderful tours. If it gets dangerous to go, I and the Israel Department of Tourism will let you know. Come on and go with us next trip! If God has put it on your heart to see what He is doing in Israel, GO! Calculating a very low probability that Israel will be involved in a local conflict anytime soon, Bejamin Netanyahu was recently quoted on the Jerusalem Post that there is no reason for Israel not to go about her normal business. Small groups is the very best way to see Israel. We are already planning one with about twenty people for 2015. Don't hesitate. If you are feeling the urge to go, call now (615-591-8036).

Data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show that incoming tourism to Israel continues to break records. During 2012, 3.5 million tourists visited Israel.

It is a great time to go on this trip of a lifetime! If interested, give us a call now. This next tour will be tour #17 for this ministry. Our next tour will be very similar, with only a few changes and pricing, to the February 2014 tour as is detailed below. Details for the February tour are being considered. Be in touch with the ministry soon. Dr. Gary Fisher - 615-591-8036

$3,749.00 from Newark, NJ. -- EL Al Airlines
February 9- 19, 2015

The price includes all taxes, transportation (domestic air not included), hotels, tips, buffet breakfast and dinner each day at our hotels and three lunches. Because of a flexible itinerary, remaining lunches are not included because we do not know exactly where our bus will be located at lunch time on those days. We will stop at good places to eat however for around $8.00 - $10.00.

Come and Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the House of the Lord.

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Questions & Answers

Do you believe we are living in the season of the Lord’s return, and if so, why?
    We have license from Jesus to believe we are living in the season of His return as He stated in Matthew 24:32. He said that the generation that sees the fig tree "putting forth its leaves", would know that "summer" (a season) "is near". Therefore, we can know the season of His return. Jesus was of course using the natural process of trees budding in the spring and subsequent summer being near, to illustrate that His return would follow a chronological order. The spring represents all the different signs of His coming, and the summer representing His actual return. A logical question however is why was the fig tree singled out by Jesus and used here as an indicator? Perhaps Hosea 9:10 has the best answer to this question. God is speaking and says, "...I saw your forefathers as the earliest fruit on the fig tree in its first season". God Himself used the fig tree here as a symbol for Israel. Jesus was using that same symbol in Matthew 24:32 as a sign of His coming. The nation of Israel seemed finished and was scattered all over the earth for nineteen centuries. At the turn of the 1900's, Jewish people started returning to the land of Israel and today it is a vibrant nation of Jewish people once again. The "fig tree" has put forth its leaves. Summer is near!


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